Work Package 5: experimental programme

Liver repair, regeneration and preservation in experimental work

This experimental programme is  looking into translational experimental studies in liver repair, regeneration and preservation protocols during ECMO and their outcome in liver transplantation.

Lead by Prof. Thomas Minor and his research team at P04 the University Clinic Bonn, with P02 Groningen, with machines manufactured by P09 Organ Assist and solutions developed by P11 Aqix and P12 Hemarina.

The objectives of the project are to:

 - To develop a new cell free solution for ex-vivo normothermic machine liver perfusion:

During ex vivo normothermic machine perfusion a step-wise approach to investigate the role of nutritional support with AQIX RS-I and the facilitation of oxygen delivery with Hemo2Life  will be followed.

 - To establish the optimal regeneration conditions for damaged livers by short-term pre-implantation ex-vivo liver perfusion. 

Pig liver grafts from DCD donors will be preserved for 4 hours using static cold storage in UW solution followed by 90 min of pre-implantation resuscitation treatment with oxygenated machine perfusion using colloidal AQIX RS-I solution supplemented with Hemo2Life according to the results obtained in other tasks. 

The efficacy of the treatment will be evaluated in an isolated porcine liver perfusion model in Bonn; and finally, the optimal protocol will be tested in a proof of concept study in the pig transplant model.